Alternative Tour Guide of Greece “Nisson Periplous”
Angeliki Stellatou
Archaeological Department of Aegean
Archaeological Department of Corinth
Anoihto Parathyro – Drama Therapy Center
Athénée Jewelry // Athens
Athens Digital Art Festival
Athens Mayor – Giorgos Kaminis
Athens Subway ΜΕΤRΟ
Athens Trigono

Bob Theatre Festival
Danae Deli Meats
Discover Lefkas – Adventure Activities // Lefkada Island
Dazeyourself Jewelry Online Shop // Athens
Don Blue – Prime Yachting
Eleni Shipp LLC // Birmingham, US
Elounda Olea Villas and Apartments // Crete
Ereisma – Life Coach
Gatsios Distillery
Goethe Institut
Gourmet Grocery of Mediterranean Nutrition
Greek Company of Recycling
Grigoris Lagos
GR80s. Greece in the Eighties at Technopolis
Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
Inscription Museum of Greece
Institute of Aegean Studies
International Amnesty
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Culture
La bordadora
Lilaboo – Kids exclusive
Live & love
Mairivi Theatre Puppet
Medianeras – Concepts/Curating/Communication
Mental health // Stavroula Sanida
Mihail Winery // Trikala
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Culture
Mitos Productions
My worlds in words

Notis Haute Coiffure // Athens
Petaei – Petaei Jewelry Store
Porta Theatre

Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA)
Rahati Restaurant // Crete
Rehabilitation program Thiseas

Samos International Film Festival
Scholz & Friends // Germany
Science ever after // London – Berlin – Chicago
Technopolis Municipality of Athens
The Drama Science lab // Chicago US
The sound of Kythera // Kithira island
This ‘n that – Clothes & accessories // Athens
Traditional Greek Art Museum (MELT)
Treffpunkt Orient // Werner Van Gent
Underwater Archaeological Department of Greece
Union of Athens Daily Newspapers

Union Wine & Viticulture of Nemea

Werner van Gent